Glove Group Management, LLC.  is a premier global talent agency representing some of the world’s most acclaimed figures in every new and emerging area of entertainment and media, including, music, theatre, fine art and live entertainment.

We provide the opportunity to book a concert, a soloist, premier name artist, rock group, tribute artists and tribute bands.  Our objective is to provide you the best quality entertainment possible for your event or venue.

We pride ourselves in concert promotions to many of the most well known venues nationally and internationally.  Glove has the Trade Mark on some of the most well known and respected venues that has been live onstage.

Groups we work with who provide great support.

Heavens Mark Productions
heavensmarkA video productions company based in the Cincinnati area that creates products in various genres and categories. The company has been operating since 2010.

Cities We Work In

Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Memphis,
Nashville, New York

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